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Learnist.org is one of the leading career blog and job seekers forums in the UK. Our goal is to assist job seekers find their ideal career and get into work as soon as possible. We are not a recruitment agency but we can achieve our goals by posting excellent infographics, very helpful articles and guides about all of the careers opportunities, networking and finding out what is available.

We aim to provide a lot of information which is easy to navigate and search for specific job details or example letters and CVs.

We cover many areas:

– Linkedin
– Interview Tips
– CV Writing
– Cover Letters
– Careers Advice

and more are on Learnist.org

Learnist Team


Elaine Mead | Email | Twitter | Author Page |

Elaine Mead has been an Employment and Careers Advisor for 2years, working with individuals who have been long term unemployed.


Danielle Rash | Twitter | Facebook | Author Page |

Dannielle provides powerful résumés & career documents for job seekers around the globe.


Dawn Moss | Twitter | LinkedIn | Author Page |

Dawn has been an in-house recruiter within corporate environments for more than a decade and has probably interviewed thousands of candidates during her career.


Vishnu Hariharan | Twitter | LinkedIn | Author Page |

Vishnu is a Financial analyst with 7 years experience in corporate finance and capital markets at global financial institutions.


Zena Thomas | Twitter | Author Page |

Her Savvy Career strives to provide advice, information, commentary and counsel to women as they navigate through the work world.


Stuart Haddow | Twitter | Google+ | Author Page |

CVMinder is a clever, online Recruitment Management System. It’s securely accessible from anywhere and at any time you need it.


Valencia White | Twitter | Author Page |

Valencia White recently launched a Resume/CV writing service. She is also a Human Resource Development Professional.