Morrisons – Eastbourne, Hampden Park – 300 Job Vacancies

Last updated : 13 March 2012

Planning permission has been granted to Morrisons to construct a supermarket and a gas station in Hampden Park in Eastbourne in the county of Sussex.

The superstore will be located in the Anjelo Dutch Meats site. The superstore will be located in the site where Anjelo Dutch Meats, Eastbourne Calor gas, Choice Vehicle rentals, Highfield body shop and Eastbourne Car Auctions are located.

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  • jaime da silva

    Good morning everyone i just sent this text cause i lost my job on 27 th of January this year but now i just found out about this 300 jobs in this supermarket in Hampden Park . i will be happy to get one of those job . driver , store , coffe shop , cleaner or ects . thank you for your time anything just call 07 . I live in Eastbourne Town Centre . ok bye bye for now ………………………………

  • Marcus Kemp

    I am a student who is looking for part time work on the days I do not study as my course is 3 days a week and I do live in the Hampden Park area so this will be a good way to earn money while I learn