Morrisons Jobs – Birtley, Gateshead – 250 New Job Vacancies

Last updated : 13 March 2012

Morrisons are to build a new supermarket in Gateshead which will create 250 new job vacancies for the local jobseekers.

Gateshead Council have made an agreement with Morrisons to build a new supermarket in Birtley town centre.

Before the final decision there will be talkings with the people in the area.

Morrisons has aready submitted its application to the Council and expecting the permission early in the new year, 2012.

There weren’t any big supermarket in the town since 2009.

Mick Henry, from the Gateshead Council, said:

We’ve been working hard to create the right opportunity for a major retailer to move into the town centre, so now we’ve succeeded I hope this will be the catalyst for more development in the area.

The new store will be building on the site of old Somerfield store and it’s expected to create 250 jobs!

Leader of this campaign MP Dave Anderson said:

This is excellent news on both the jobs front and in terms of the regeneration of Birtley.

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