Tesco Jobs and Bicester Village Will Create 3,500 Jobs

Tesco’s and Bicester Village combine to potentially bring 3500 roles to the area

New plans that have been submitted detail Tesco’s and Bicester Village plan to combine forces if the plans are accepted. If passed, these plans would see one revamped Tesco’s store and 30 shops to take the place of the existing Tesco’s site, a move which would create 3,500 jobs. The work would also see £11m development to the A41 road, which has received criticism.

Tesco’s wants to develop a new store with a Tesco’s Extra which would bring in 250 roles. At the same time, 30 stores would be developed on the site of the old Tesco’s bringing 500 jobs. A business park, which has been in talks for five years, would then bring in the additional 2,800 roles.

With all this in mind, if approved, work would not start until early 2013, with an estimated completion of 2015.

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