If you are going to apply for a Sainsbury’s job you may need to write a cover letter to support your application.

A well written covering letter would help a lot with your job application for any type of job.

Sainsburys Cover Letter

Dear Sir / Madam

Sales Assistant advertised on Learnist.org

I have seen an advert for Sales Assistant at your Norwich supermarket on the job seekers website, Learnist.org, and enclose my completed application form for your consideration.

I have recently completed an Award in Retail Skills which has helped me develop the skills and confidence which I believe will make me a true asset to your business.  If given an opportunity in your supermarket I would be keen to continue my personal development to a Certificate or further as my career progresses within the retail sector.

If you have any questions or would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks for your time,

sainsburys application letter

The retail industry is one of the fast-paced and dynamic sectors. There are so many job opportunities there,from managers to associate. Cover letters for retail must address specific requirements of the specific retail job available. With so many fields in retail,it is best to know where you are competent and strong and your resume should be one that can completely vouch for your strengths and abilities. You should not only be able to write a powerful resume –but you should be able to write the accompanying document as well,the cover letters for retail,that will briefly describe your potentials and skills. This is already a sample of your selling and management skills. Whether you are in a retail store of sales,an associate or a manager,applying for a job in the retail industry must be as dynamic as the industry itself.

In your cover retails for retails,introduce yourself properly and include your job hiring reference. From this,you must already reveal your interest in the particular field or job. Follow this up with enumerating your top skills,and the manner by which you were able to possess them. Align your skills and interest with the requirements of the position and maybe,include a description of your abilities,experiences and good selling practices or what you have done all in your cover letters for retail. This way,the potential employer will be more interested in you because this will lead him/her to your resume which contains more informative details. You should put emphasis on your best qualities,more than anything else,and how you can put them into action to contribute to the company’s competitive edge.

End cover letters for retail by inviting the potential employer to contact you because you are the best candidate. Show them your enthusiasm in the job and that your experience and abilities will be valuable to the company. Make your letter speak of your dynamism in the retail industry with better opportunities to enhance the company’s positioning. You may also include your plan of contacting them to make a follow through on your application.

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One thought on “Example Cover Letter for Application to Sainsburys

  1. A cover letter isn’t absolutely essential for a lot of jobs, but it can definitely help you and enhance your chances of getting an interview.

    At somewhere like Sainsbury’s, you need to be someone who can work well alongside other people and also have good customer service skills. Mention anything you’ve achieved that is related to retail and shopping stores, customers etc.

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