found this somewhere else;

1) You get given a sheet to fill in first, you get asked about your strengths and weaknesses as a person, prior experience with working as a team, how much you know about Primark and why exactly you want to work for them and what you can offer the company. In the interview, the interviewer will go over your answers and get you to expand on them. As far as I remember, the woman interviewing me had a booklet full of questions and scenarios, she’d pick a few at random and question you on them e.g. you get a rude, aggressive customer who’s totally in your face, what do you do? And some other things that are more company specific.

2) I think it was about £5.85 for the people in my induction that were 18+
I’m not sure about your shift patterns as I only worked 4 hours Saturday/Sunday. There’s usually always over time available if you’re working a close and you could be tidying the shop floor, folding clothes and making sure everything’s tidy for when they reopen in the morning.

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