I had my interview today, was meant to be last week but I couldn’t make it so had to re arrange.

Went in early, looked about the shop to make sure I knew where the cheap paracetamol was!!

Asked at the till where I should go, the girl rang upstairs and I waited a bit before a man came down and took me up the canteen to wait.

The interviewer came to get me and we went into another room, basically she told me a bit about herself and she said we’re going to be doing some tasks on the shop floor.

First stop was handing out baskets, I was really embarrassed. I just picked one up and stood about the entrance, I said to people coming in hello, do you need a basket today? everyone said no.

Next, the interviewer gave me some advantage card leaflets to hand out. I said to people hello, do you have an advantage card? Most said yes, one said no I then said can I give you a leaflet all about the advantages of having the card? she said she already had the leaflet.

We then went and had a look about the gift section, with all the deals, this wasn’t part of the interview. I got really excited over some things, all the 3 for 2’s.

I then went on to pack some bags, that was easy enough.

Upstairs to get the paracetamol, easy, was done in 2 seconds.

Went back to the office and was asked, ‘why do you want to work for boots?’ ‘what can you bring to boots?’ ‘what hours are you looking for?’

Any questions? I asked about uniforms and if they kept on temp staff after Christmas.

She took my ID. Said they have interviews tomorrow and Friday. Someone will be in touch start of next week.

I actually really enjoyed myself at the interview. I hope that I get a job. I’d love to work there.

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