Hi Alex
I’m sorry to hear your frustrations about finding a job. The suggestions on Zoomspec’s post are great but I would advise you to keep your options open and look at a number of avenue, including self-employment, paid jobs, volunteering and freelance work.
The first thing to do is really take a hard look at your CV and cover letter. I think there are some samples on this website but, like Loztiggy, I’d be happy to take a look at them for you. (I have 17 years of experience in HR.) Unfortunately, there are many young people in the same boat as you these days and you need to do everything you can to stand out and be noticed.
If you want to get into IT but have no experience, I’d advise that you include on your CV examples of where you have used your IT skills. Have you repaired the PCs of friends and family? That’s valuable information to include. If you have written blogs on IT topics, give details of the links in your applications. If you haven’t, why not write them now?
I’m sure you won’t want to get into a trap of unpaid work but a short period of assisting a small business in your area on that basis will get you more experience for your CV and a work referee, which could make the difference.
Good luck.

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