I’d go for job boards. That way, the search is in your hands and you can find exactly (or close to) what you want. Plus, you’re not relying on someone else and can monitor the whole process (in regards to approaching and liaising with the potential employer over your application/interview process).

It’s a little time consuming, and sometims mind-numbing sitting in front of a computer doing search after search, but at least you can search for what you want. Register with the bigger job boards (like Monster, Fish4Jobs, CV-Library – but there are loads of others). They’re free and have a combination of hundreds of thousands of jobs listed on them. You’re bound to find something!

Plus, I think on all them you can upload your CV for free and have it found by employers (who will run key word searches, just like you do for a job). It’s pretty neat, plus it’s free and leaves you open to the possibility of being head hunted!

Hope that helps  🙂

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