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Sales Representative Job Application

The job role of a Sales representatives can vary, depending on the product / industry you are selling within..However, each role requires strong selling skills and the ability to be able to cope with frequent rejection. You are the company’s ambassador – presenting its products and services in as positive a light as possible. Sales representatives spend much of their time visiting companies and individuals with a view to securing new business, as well as maintaining relationships with past customers and acting as intermediary between company and client.

A variety of methods are used in an effort to make a sale, including presentations and showcasing samples, providing information on any available discounts or offers and answering questions on the products or services that are being sold

Duties to expect:

• Updating customer databases
• Conducting market research
• Meeting sales targets
• Promoting new products
• Reporting sales trends
• Recording orders
• Monitoring competitor activity
• Evaluating marketing campaigns

The application process is usually the submission of your CV and cover letter to the recruitment department. This will then be followed by an interview, and possibly a trial to see if the role is suitable to you – this can involve meeting a set target within a required period of time to see if the role is suited to you.

Example cover letter for Sales Representative

Dear Recruitment Manager,

I am writing to you regarding your current Sales Representative vacancy you currently have, as advertised (where advertised)

Within the past six years, I have developed strong sales skills that have enabled me to build a record of sustained sales increases. I thrive on challenge and change, and I look forward to new opportunities to build positive customer relationships every day. I believe that as a Sales Representative, my energy, analytic skills, organisational abilities, and creativity in tackling problems will make a positive contribution. I am equally comfortable working independently to meet company goals, as well as collaboratively as part of a team.

I would welcome the chance to provide you with additional information in addition to what appears in my enclosed CV. I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Yours sincerely,

Applicant Name

sales representative job application cover letter

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