34 Great Tips for a Successful Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you have an interview coming on the way then you need to make time to prepare for it. There are many ways to get ready for your big day. There are also countless resources online that you can use to research for your interview.

CollegeAtlas.org made an infographic to help jobseekers get through their job interview a lot easier. One infographic and 34 fabulous tips all in one place!

– 47% of the interviewees have very little information about the company, this is very big mistake.

– 26% of the interviewees have a very weak handshake which gives a negative first impression.

– 67% of the interviewees fail to make eye contact which suggests a lack of self-confidence and is a big mistake.

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Successful Job Interview Infographic

job interview tips infographic

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  1. Mary Isabale says

    good article but only for girls,I think boys mistake enough at the interview

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