Tesco Interview Questions and Answers

Tesco jobs are very popular among the jobseekers in the UK and the company is the largest supermarket chain across the country with over 2,700 stores.

They receive over 1,000 job applications every week. Tesco interviews usually last in 20 minutes. Depend on the number of applicants you may have a group interview.

If your interview went well then you would hear them in a couple of days or sometimes in 2 weeks however if you weren’t successful then you would hear from them earlier, maybe in the same day. This is only what happens most times so it may not happen the same for you so just wait and see!

The Tesco interviewers are usually kind and they do give you enough time for you to think about the questions and they don’t mark you down when you can’t say anything.

Here are Tesco interview questions that had been ask during the interviews for checkout assistant, customer service assistants and general service assistant jobs:
tesco interview
You can find all other typical interview questions and possible answers on our job forum.

– When have you worked effectively as part of a team and how?
– When you have dealt with a difficult person and how?
– What makes an efficient team?
– An example of when I had to do something difficult for someone?
– How do you find it when working with new people?
– Give an example of when you have had to work effectively in a team
– Give an example of when you have had to keep a piece of information confidential
Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it
As you can understand from the above interview questions, they are mostly team related! So be prepared for those kind of questions. You will also receive typical interview questions as well such as:

Tell me about yourself?
– Why Tesco?
– Why do you want to work for Tesco?
Why should we hire you?
– What makes you best person for this job?
What motivates you?
What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them?

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