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What would be your best answer for the job interview questions below? Who was your best boss and who was the worst?, What was it like working for your supervisor? and Questions about your supervisors and co-workers.

How to Answer “Who was your best boss and who was the worst?” interview question

This is a question that can show how well you can interpret the good and the bad in other people. The interviewer will not be expecting, or wanting, you to start going into petty detail and gossiping about your former employers. Instead of simply stating a name of the boss and then giving a reason why, you should focus on the characteristics that gave you the positive and negative impressions.

Example Answer

I can honestly say, that I believe I have taken positive aspects from all of my previous employers. In my experience, there is always something to learn, whether you would consider them to be a good or bad boss. However, I would say that my most pleasant experiences of the workplace have been when I feel my superiors value my opinions and ideas. Under these conditions I personally feel that I was encouraged to use my initiative and believe my production improved because of this. To tie in with this point, I have seen workplace morale fall because of a superiors attitude to having a closed door mentality. When the impression is imposed on people that there own ideas carry little worth, many people can fall into a trap of believing it. This generally, in my experience, leads to a fall in production. Although if pressed I would probably say that the first boss was better than the latter, I feel that I have benefited from both experiences in order to form my own conclusions on how I would like to treat subordinates.

By showing that you have thought about the role your superiors play in a company, it shows that you are aware of the responsibilities that leadership entails. This in turn, would give the interviewer the impression that you would fit in well to the existing structure and that you would be aware of your own responsibilities to support your superiors. It could also show that you have the potential to fill a more advanced position in the future.

How to Answer “What was it like working for your supervisor?” interview question

When you go for an interview you may get asked what was the best or worst Supervisor you have ever worked for and why? And how was your relationship with your supervisor?

Even if you didn’t have a good working relationship with your supervisor don’t say that at an interview as you will come across very negative and your interviewer could see this as a warning sign about things to come!

Apart from how it makes you look you have to remember that the same industries are a very small world and not only does it not come across very well but the person interviewing you or the company may have dealings with your previous supervisor or company which would make it even more awkward.

Instead, you need to accentuate the positive and minimize any difficult situations that occurred discuss the strengths your past supervisors have had and how they helped you succeed in your positions.

Remember that there is always something even if small that a supervisor will have helped you with and this is what you need to focus on.

Whilst you are answering this question you might want to talk about someone who really has helped you in your role as you may be able to explain a lot clearer and upbeat.

Take a moment to think before answering any question that come across as being negative.

Your CV and covering letter has got you the interview, you look good on paper, you want to also look good in front of the person interviewing you.

Example Answer

I haven’t worked for a supervisor as such before, as I have only left school, however I suppose you could liken a teacher to a supervisor. I imagine a supervisor to be someone who is there to teach and encourage you to achieve your goals, and someone you can go to if you are unsure about something. I have no problem with authority.

How to Answer “Questions about your supervisors and co-workers”

As with all questions take your time to answer this question.

All interviewers will want to assess how you get on with your colleagues and managers alike.

You will be given a scenario type questions such as –

You and a colleague have a disagreement but are currently working closely on a project, what do you do?

Tell me about a time when a colleague was not doing his share of the work, what did you do and how did you deal with it?

Give me a time when you took time out to share co-workers achievements?

Tell me about a time that you misjudged someone?

Can you work effectively with both older and younger workers and what do you prefer?

Your new supervisor was your co-worker before, how do you handle this?

You have been promoted to a supervisor, how do you co-workers deal with this as your working relationship changes?

These questions show your personality type and how you deal with quite difficult situations which you have to work through when you work with people. You can’t choose who you work with; you can choose how you handle any conflicts.

Any employer does not want to spend time on counterproductive matters that could be easily resolved by some thought and a business attitude. Take time to digest the question before answering and turn any negative comment into a positive one.

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