Next Jobs – New Luton Shop – 53 Job Vacancies

The large British clothing company Next intends to open a new shop at Chaul End Lane, Luton creating 53 vacancies.
The area that Next will purchase is the old MFI store that has been empty since MFI fell into administration in 2008.

This store will open as a Next Home store and create 47 sales positions and 6 management positions.

At 1,400 square meters, it is not the intention of next to use all the space. In fact, the plans that were recently submitted to the council were believed to contain plans for Wren Kitchens as well.

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  • shakil101

    How do you apply for this job? I’m looking for a part time job here. Able to work on weekends.

  • Nishat

    How do I apply for this job? I’m looking for a part time job here in Next. I want to be able to work here on weekends


    I am looking for a job. I can work on any days.


    How do I apply for this job? I am looking for a job in next. I am able yo work on any days.

  • Shariece Aarons

    I am looking for a weekend/part time job, how can I apply for this job?

  • lucy

    hi, really interest in sales job at new luton can i apply? many thanks

  • Jordan Quinton

    I’m looking for a job part time/weekends. Where are the application forms? How do you get it?

  • Nicola Jade Coard

    Hi, I used to work at next and would love to work for them again as I am currently looking for another job. How do I apply as the jobs aren’t on the Next careers page yet. Many Thanks Nicola

  • Donna Penman

    Im looking for a part time job to work at Next. Weekdays would be perfect for me. How do i apply or get the application form as its not on this website yet? Thank you Donna.

  • Liam Evans

    Hi, I’m looking for full time work, any day and any hours. How do I apply?