Tesco Proposed Brigg Supermarket to Provide 100 New Jobs


Tesco recently submitted a planning application to redevelop their current Brigg store, extending it to incorporate the neighbouring Lidl store which will be relocated to Atherton Way (subject to planning permission). The new supermarket would be located between Barnard Avenue, Spring’s Way, Spring’s Parade and Cary Lane in Brigg, Lincolnshire.

It is suggested that if approved, the staff of the existing Tesco Brigg store would be transferred to the new store, plus an additional 100 new job vacancies for the local community would be provided once construction works are complete.

North Lincolnshire Council are due to issue their decision of the planning application at the public meeting on 16th November 2011.

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  1. Vacancies Tesco says

    Some unusual statistical analysis I observed last night:

    1. The proposed ‘in-town’ store for Brigg was compared with one in another market town – Beverley.

    Pop of Brigg about 5000
    Pop of Beverley about 30000!

    Yes, there is an in-town Tesco store in Beverley – about 250 yards down a side road from the inner core of main roads.

    The store’s site forms a small fraction of Beverley’s infrastructure – it’s not the complete infrastructure as proposed for in Brigg.

    2.’We want to reduce the leaked of trade going to Scunthorpe and Laceby.’
    Laceby!! Yes, Laceby – nearly 20 miles away on the outskirts of Grimsby. Route oneself on the back road via Gt Limber and etc.

    How far does Tesco think Brigg’s retail sphere of influence extend?
    If some Brigg folk go to Laceby, I wonder how many Laceby folk come to Brigg?

    3. The proposed store will be 200 percent.
    The proposed increase in car parking spaces – from 200 to 300 – 150 percent (a floating surplus of 50 cars)

    4. ‘We want to increase the number of shopping punters by at least 6000 per week’

    Brigg’s population shopping punters – about 2500 adults.

    The extra 6000 divided by 7 days a week = about 850 – say average 600 extra cars per day (assuming most arrive by car)

    4, It is intended to create 100 full and part-time jobs’

    No-one defined the meaning.

    Technically, 16 hours pw or more is regarded as ‘full-time positions’

    So roughly how much would that add to employment income?

    100 x say avarage of 20 hours per week (?mostly women) x min wage of £5.93 = overall pay of £11860 before deductions x 52 weeks = £616,720 pa (before deductions)

    Not all workers will come from Brigg. Say 1/2 = £313,000 for Brigg.

    Tesco workers will get discount on shopping so do we assume that most will food shop in Tesco?

    Say 3/4 of the Brigg workers spend £100 a week in Tesco.

    Therefore, 37 Brigg x £100pw x 52 = £195000 spent in Tesco.

    £313000 – £195000 = £118000

    We still need to deduct tax from £118000 – say 15 percent goes on income tax = £100000 annual amount.

    £100000 divide by 52 weeks = £1900

    £1900 divide by Brigg workers (1/2 of 100 workers) = about £35 each available to spend as they like.

    So how much will the Brigg Tesco workers £35 a week be spent about Brigg high street? Say 1/2 – or £17.50.
    50 Brigg workers x £17.5 = £875 pw

    £875 divided by the numbers of shops/pubs/cafes/beauty parlours etc about Brigg (about 50)
    £875 / 60 outlets = £14.80

    Say on average Brigg retailers can expect their income to increase by £14.80 pw.

    But only if my guesswork predictions are accurate.

    Don’t spent it all at once.

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