How People Make Decisions About Changing Their Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you interested in changing your career soon? If yes then have you thought about the reasons for that? Would you only change your job if something interesting presented itself to you?

Linkedin has made an infographic that tells us what makes people change careers.

– 45% of those interviewed say that they are not actively searching for jobs but they would talk to recruiters about opportunities.

– 25% of the jobseekers are actively looking for jobs

– 15% of prospective employees are not looking for jobs but talking about with friends.

– 15% of the people interviewed are totally happy with their current careers.

career change infographic

Julie Cooper of Spring Development is an author trainer and coach, specialising in one to one skills. You can find out more at Her book, Face to Face in the Workplace, has been described as  “This Years Must have Book”   (HR Director) She has also co-authored books for advisers, coaches and mentors, including The One to One Toolkit, The Groupwork Toolkit and The Job Interview Toolkit. You can find out about them here:, where you can also a free ebook Five Steps to being Heard: how to get your message across to the right person.

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